CMB Sky Simulations

We have various simulations of the CMB sky for you to download and analayze.
These simulations were made for a mapping experiment with a 40' beam. They are pixelized into CSC resolution 9 maps. The power spectra was arbitrarily cut off at l = 500 (just to save time). There is no experimental noise in the maps --- only cmb anisotropies. The format is simple --- 393216 space-delimited numbers (dT uK). The first number corresponds to CSC pixel 0, the second to pixel 1, etc. You may find this CSC code helpful.

Be warned! These files are each about 2 Megs.

Any questions? Contact Ken Ganga at

Got a CMB Analysis Method?

Try it on on this CMB Mystery Sky Map:

Here is another full-sky simulation. It is similar to the others, except that the spectrum was truncated at l = 1000, and that we don't tell you what is either the power spectrum or the set of cosmological paraemters used to generate this sky.

What is this universe??

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Last Updated: 13 Apr 1997