Recent Publications and Conference Presentations

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Recent Papers:

  • Jaffe, A.H., et al, " Cosmology from Maxima-1, Boomerang and COBE/DMR CMB Observations", astro-ph/0007333 Submitted to PRL

  • Wu, J.H.P. et al, "Asymmetric Beams in Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy Experiments", astro-ph/0007212 In press, Astrophys. J.

  • First Results: Hanany, S. et al, "MAXIMA-1: A Measurement of the Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy on angular scales of 10 arcminutes to 5 degrees", astro-ph/0005123 Recently accepted by Astrophys. J. Lett.

  • Balbi, A. et al, "Constraints on Cosmological Parameters from MAXIMA-1", astro-ph/0005124 Submitted to Astrophys. J. Lett.

    Recent Conference Presentations:

  • UC Berkeley Dept. of Physics Graduate Poster Session Collins, J., Rabii, B. & Winant, C., "MAXIMA & MAXIPOL: Temperature and Polarization Anisotropy of the Cosmic Microwave Background", Sept. 27, 2000. Download the poster. (Compressed Microsoft Powerpoint file)

  • The American Astronomical Society 196th Meeting; Rochester, NY USA, June 2000 Winant, C. Click here for abstract

  • The American Physics Society 2000 April Meeting; Long Beach, CA, USA

  • The Moriond 2000 cosmology conference: Rabii, B. et al, "Mapping the CMB with the MAXIMA-1 Experiment", Les Arcs, France 2000 Click here for slides.

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