MAXIMA flights

The MAXIMA gondola has flown three times. The MAX receiver was flown on the new gondola in MAXIMA 0 (1995). The complete instrument was first flown on MAXIMA 1 (August 1998). MAXIMA 1 observed 124 square degrees of sky near the Draconis constellation. Please refer to the 3K MAXIMA proceedings (downloadable postscript only) for more preliminary details about the flight. Certain members of the BOOMERanG collaboration have written a more entertaining account of the first flight.

MAXIMA 2 (June 1999) observed roughly twice the area that MAXIMA 1 observed. To learn about flight preparations for MAXIMA 2, please browse through our MAXIMA 2 Field Diary (Check out the action shots!). The MAXIMA team is currently analyzing both MAXIMA 1&2 data sets.

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